Dog Walking Services

Below pricing is for weekly walk clients and applies to visits during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm). Visits are approx. 25 minutes, including 20 minute walk time.

  • Single Dog Walk - $16

  • Double Dog Walk - $18
    Two dogs in same household

  • Buddy Walk - $13 per dog
    Two dog maximum, must be in same building or block

  • Puppy Package - $25/day
    Two potty break visits per day, for dogs under six months old

  • Deluxe Dog Walk Package - $28/day
    Two regular walks per day, for dogs over six months old

Add $10 per visit to rates listed above
for after-hours weekday visits (M-F before10am/after5pm)
and regular hours weekend visits (Sat-Sun 10am-5pm).
Please call for after-hours weekend visit pricing.

Additional Services

  • New Client Meet & Greet - $20
    See FAQ for explanation of meet & greets and associated fee

  • Key Pick-Up & Lock Out Service - $20
    Your sitter will come to your home to pick up keys if we do not have on file, if you’ve had locks changed or have moved. Also handy if you’re locked out and need a helping hand!

  • Litter Box Maintenance - $10/visit
    Add on for daily walk clients only
  • Vacation Mail/Plant Service -$20/visit
    For when you bring your pets with you but still need someone to check in on the house
  • In-home Dog Sitting -$30/hour
    Our version of baby sitting

Holiday Rates

Holiday rates apply for any service on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Below rates are for holiday visits between 10am-5pm.
After-hours holiday visits are $5/visit extra.

  • Holiday dog walks
    $30/walk (flat fee)

  • Holiday kitty or critter care
    $30/visit (flat fee)

  • Holiday vacation away care packages
    Add $25 to package price

Away Care Services

  • Kitty/Critter Care (1-2 pets)
    Our visits are guaranteed to be at least 20 minutes and include feeding and fresh water, litterbox maintenance and playtime. Catnip? Brushing? Favorite toy? Tell us what your pet loves!

  • Weekday Visits (M-F 10am-5pm) - $20/visit
    Weekend Visits (Sat & Sun 10am-5pm) - $25/visit

    (Add $2 per visit for each additional pet (after first two), and $5/visit for after-hours kitty/critter care requests.

    A range of $5-$10/visit charge may be added for administering oral, topical and/or injectable medication.

  • Bow Wow Overnight Delight - $80 (per 24-hour cycle, 1-2 pets)
    A Bow Wow Meow pet care professional stays in your home to provide both daytime walks and a special sleep over experience with your pet(s). This package is especially popular for younger, older or special needs pets that require extra attention in the comfort and safety of their own home. This package can be canine-only or combo canine/kitty/critter.

    Add $5 for each additional pet (after first two). No additional charge for administering medications while sitter is staying in the home.

Note that holiday rates apply to away care services listed above.

All away care packages include basic pet cleanup, mail/newspaper/package pick-up, home temperature monitoring and lighting adjustments for additional security while you are away. Plant watering is subject to sitter discretion and may involve additional charge.

Away Care for Additional Pets

  • Kitty/Critter Care -
    $2/additional pet (after first two)

  • Bow Wow Custom Care -
    $5/additional pet (after first two)

  • Bow Wow Overnight Delight -
    $5/additional pet (after first two)

We are always adding new services based on client needs. If there is a service you are interested in that is not listed above,
contact us for more information.

  • Bow Wow Meow has staff trained in caring for diabetic, epileptic, and geriatric pets.
    We regularly administer insulin, subcutaneous fluids and other medications.

  • We are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest level of care and attention,
    and as such are committed to caring for pets one household at a time.

  • Talk to us about your pet's special needs, and we will do our best to ensure that they are
    happy, healthy and comfortable.

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